Learning From Difference

Incipient privilege followed by a tangled upbringing stimulated constant questioning.

This has hopefully led to a little understanding and the plea for the Conservative Party to reconsider some of their 1970s policies.

7 Balfour brothers from Fife who traveled the World after 1850. Other maternal and paternal relatives. Artist. Engineers. Entrepreneurs. Merchants. Musicians. Pacifist. Philosophers. Politician. Sailors. Soldiers. Suffragette. Traders. Meon Valley war and death. Isle of Wight, Petersfield and Portsmouth ventures. Getting over Eton. Engineering or Establishment?

Class and school divisions. Considerate or coercive welfare. Inequality. Value of face to face Career and Employment Service privatised in the 1990’s. The idea of an Unconditional Basic Income for all citizens. Importance of Politics. Party difficulties. Need for experienced older participants.

Accepting Mercedes, etc. The price for defeating Hitler and Co. Afghanistan and Libya sixty years ago. Then peaceful countries.

Other books from Christopher Balfour


Son of one of the founders of the Spithead Express, the author's childhood was spent clambering in and out of the ferry planes. He still vividly remembers the sights, smell and sounds of those pioneering years at Portsmouth and Ryde and recalls talking to the pilots, including Amy Johnson.

During the war the factory was a welcome respite from school and he was old enough to be able to help collecting the components from outlying workshops. He was at the aerodrome for the takeoff and landing trials of the Aerocar prototype and, when there were still prospects for the company in India, he flew out to Jamnagar in the Schools Special Solent flying boat; the trip from Southampton to Karachi taking four days.

After these and the other traumatic experiences described in the book, the author opted for a less eventful life working as an officer, and later a
councillor, in local government. This, his third book, fulfils a long-held ambition to record the story of the Spithead Express.


First manufactured in 1946 and still produced today, Bristol cars have become a uniquely British institution that is celebrated in this comprehensive history, written by a dedicated owner of nearly 50 years' standing. These hand-built cars are owned by car connoisseurs who appreciate their fine engineering, handling, reliability, longevity and everyday practicality, and also savour the driver experience. This lavish book explores the details of the company's complex and fascinating history, and will appeal to all owners, past and present, as well as the many admirers of these cars.


Roads to Oblivion. Triumphs and Tragedies of British Car Makers. 1946 - 1956.   Attempt to explain, quoting from owners world wide, how opportunities were lost because of flawed design and shoddy assembly.  Bay View Books. 1996 ISBN 1 870979 82 6


Auto-Architect: the autobiography of Gerald Palmer was designer of the Jowett Javelin, MG Magnette, Riley Pathfinder and later worked for Vauxhall. Christopher assisted Gerald and contributed to his autobiography.  Magna Press, 1998 ISBN 0 9519423 60


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