AEROPLANES   A small selection

Westland Wessex.  G-ABVB   Delivered  Portsmouth  7th May 1932.    Crashed Ryde  30th May 1936

de Havilland  Puss Moth   G -ABIY   Won by Rachel (Lionel’s sister) in raffle 1930.  Fastest civil pilot  (but not credited) 1931 King’s Cup.  Crashed Portsmouth 25th March 1935

Airspeed Ferry G-ABSI      built by Airspeed for Alan Cobham. Wreck purchased by PSIOWA. Re-build completed July 1939

Portsmouth Aviation Aerocar   G-AGTG  First flight  18th June 1947.   Dismantled   October 1949

Portsmouth Aviation Aerocar   G- AGNJ   Not completed.   Some components sent to Bedi Port, Nawanager, India


Percival Vega Gull  G-AEEM   Dates not known but remembered as first piloting experience  in 1939 aged  nearly six








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