Balfour.            Seven Balfour brothers from Fife born in the middle of the 19th Century.  Their descendants have spread round the world.  America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

Cayzer.             The maternal side.  From Lostwithiel in Cornwall.  Charles Cayzer  founded the Clan Line in 1878.  This became British and Commonwealth in 1956.  The family now control Caledonia Investments and the  Cayzer Trust Company.

Figdor.              My father’s mother was the daughter of Henry Joachim whose mother was Fanny Figdor.   This Fanny’s brother was Wilhelm Figdor, whose daughter was another Fanny Figdor who married Hermann Wittgenstein.

Hutchison.       James, father of the seven Balfour brothers, married Isabella Hutchison, daughter of Alexander, a flour miller in Kirkaldy.

Jellicoe.            Also maternal side.  Grandfather Jellicoe became Commander-in -chief of the Grand Fleet.  He was in command at Jutland, later First Sea Lord and then Governor General of New Zealand.  Ancestors had been in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight since the Brocas family had come to England from Gascony in the 13th Century.

Joachim.          My father’s father, Max Balfour, an artist, married Nina Joachim daughter of Henry Joachim, elder brother of the violinist, Joseph Joachim.  Their father Julius  was a  wool trader based at Kitsee  and later with warehouses in Pest.

Ogilvie.            My great grandfather, second of the surviving seven brothers married Rachel Ogilvie.  Her father and forbears were Solicitors with the firm of J and J Ogilvie in Dundee.

Wittgenstein.  Hermann’s son Karl, who became one of the leading industrialists of 19th Century Europe, married Leopoldine Kalmus.  Paul and Ludwig were two of their sons. Ludwig’s grandmother and Lionel’s grandfather were cousins, Wilhelm Figdor and the first Fanny Figdor being  brother and sister.

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